These are the Chapter Quartets for the Santa Monica Oceanaires


We are very proud of our Quartets!!



Quartet Name





Generation Gap

Generation Gap

Ben Lowe

*Bruce Schroffel

Bob Heron

Vance Heron


Heartfelt Quartet

David Zasloff

Amnon Avidor

*Jim Leedom

Wally Mees

Overland Ave.

Overland Avenue

*Aaron Mood

Jack Walton

Frank Giffen

John White

Sound Stage

Soundstage Quartet

Bob Curran

*Jerry Walker

Alan Hanson

Tom Laskey

Big And Tall

Big And Tall Quartet

David Zasloft

*Don Tsuchiyama

Chuck Bevit

Wally Mees


*Contact Person – for info, please email with a message to the above contact.






The Santa Monica Oceanaires are a 501.C3 Charitable Organization, an official chapter of The Barbershop Harmony Society -
The Society for the Preservation Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing In America.